trippin' on sunshine
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"you are love, you are light, and you are good enough just the way you are." - sara ramirez

forever in love with my beautiful girlfriend.

Anonymous: I'm doing good. Extremely tired cause it's been a long day for me, but it was productive. I'm probably heading to bed soon, but I'mbeing lazy and don't want to get up and turn off my light haha

i’m glad to hear you’re doing well! i feel your struggle. That’s the worst, when you’re all comfy and super tired, but you still have to turn off the light.

Anonymous: I figured that would be your answer! That's really good to hear! :)

yes! how are you doing?

Anonymous: I almost missed a day haha, but how are you doing tonight?

really, really good! i got to spend a lovely evening with my girlfriend and that’s instant happiness. :)

nothing about you is pathetic (x)

thatbeatgeneration: you guys should do the "more likely to" tag :)

i think we are going to do that one! i like it :)

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meghan is sleeping and i just want to wake her up to cuddle, but she has to leave for work in two hours, so i’m being a good girlfriend and resisting my urge to cuddle the shit out of her.