trippin' on sunshine
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"you are love, you are light, and you are good enough just the way you are." - sara ramirez

forever in love with my beautiful girlfriend.

nayariverasdorsey replied to your post: apparently i was watching videos of gi…

What the fuck. I can’t stop laughing

i vaguely remember watching? like it’s sort of coming back to me in pieces. i went to go look at my watch history to try and find a video that i had watched earlier and when i scrolled down, i saw this shit.

apparently i was watching videos of giant hornets on youtube last night? like i don’t remember that. oh and i watched a video of a hornet battling a centipede. this is what happens when i stay up really late and become sleep deprived. my youtube watch history though -


what the fuck

writing alyssa’s fic is taking forever.

What a sad beautiful magic  t r a g i c  love affair

Blue is the New Black

Blue is the New Black

Admittedly, the Grey’s Anatomy/Rookie Blue crossover episode was a little weird.